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Celebrating the Fathers of the Industry at Bel-Aire Backyard

Father's of Industry at Bel-Aire Backyard the Durango Pool

Father’s Day is a time to honor the dedication and hard work of fathers everywhere. This year, Bel-Aire Backyard at Durango Casino & Resort is hosting a special event to celebrate the fathers who keep the hospitality, marketing, nightlife, and other industries running smoothly. Join us on Sunday, June 16th, for our First Annual Father's Day Event, where we will recognize the "Fathers of the Industry"

A Day to Honor the Hardest Working Dads

At Bel-Aire Backyard, we understand the relentless dedication and tireless effort it takes to succeed in demanding industries. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 30 outstanding dads who consistently go above and beyond in their professions. These honorees include:

John Pettei

Stan Atlasman

Ryan Jones

Matt Romero

Jeff Tomastik

Sean Kim

Wayne Crane

Zak McCabe

Chris Trillo 

Sal Wise 

Rich Kenny 

John Guns

Brian Bryce 

Jey Hall

Max Lecocq

Cary Mano

Baha Emmanzadar

Christian Guiterez

Kinson Lau

Benny Yerushalmi

Scott Sibley

Anthony Sibley

Michael Markin 

Larson Legris

Joe Haro

David Garcia

Cody Baker

Drew Belcher

Robert Gentry

Mustafa Abdi

These dads are pillars in their respective fields, including hospitality, marketing, and nightlife, and we are proud to honor them on this special day.

Event Details and Activities

Date and Location:

Join us on Sunday, June 16th, at Bel-Aire Backyard, the stunning pool area at Durango Casino & Resort. Our poolside venue, renowned for its vibrant atmosphere and excellent amenities, is the perfect place to unwind and celebrate.

a photo of Bel-Aire Backyard towels rolled up on a daybed at the Las Vegas pool bar

Activities and Entertainment:

To make this day even more memorable, Happy Dad Seltzer will be activating our event lawn with a variety of games and activities. Enjoy a friendly game of cornhole, indulge in our pop-up bar, and interact with promo models who will be adding to the festive atmosphere. This is a day for dads to relax, have fun, and let loose.

Happy Dad Seltzer logo

Family-Friendly Fun:

We understand that Father’s Day is also about spending quality time with family. That’s why we welcome dads to bring their kids along for the celebration. There will be plenty of activities to keep everyone entertained, making it a perfect family outing.

Bel-Aire Backyard: The Ultimate Poolside Experience

Bel-Aire Backyard is more than just a pool; it’s a premier destination in Las Vegas, offering a unique blend of relaxation and entertainment. Our Las Vegas pool bar provides a wide array of refreshing beverages, perfect for cooling off under the desert sun. Additionally, the Backyard Grill offers Durango Casino & Resort with an extensive menu to satisfy all tastes.

Sushi yacht only available at Backyard Grill the outdoor dining area at Bel-Aire Backyard

Durango Pool and Amenities

The Durango pool bar at Bel-Aire Backyard is a hotspot for both locals and visitors, featuring two bars where guests can enjoy their favorite drinks while lounging by the pool. Our poolside service ensures that guests can enjoy delicious food from the Backyard Grill without leaving their poolside spot. Food service starts daily at 11am, making it easy to enjoy a relaxing meal in a beautiful setting.

Join Us for the First Annual Father's Day Event

We invite you to join us at Bel-Aire Backyard on June 16th for a day dedicated to the incredible fathers in our community. Whether you are one of the honorees or a guest looking to celebrate Father’s Day in style, our event promises to be filled with fun, relaxation, and plenty of memorable moments.

Don’t miss out on this special celebration—mark your calendars and get ready to honor the fathers who never clock out. You can book your day, HERE